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At Outpatient Imaging & Specialty Care at Camp Creek, we offer the following diagnostic services:
High Field Open MRI - As one of the most powerful open systems in Metro Atlanta, this new technology offers clear, accurate images in a comfortable open system without the common claustrophobic feeling associated with closed MRI systems. The machine can scan patients up to 660 lbs. The digital images are stored electronically.

Multi-Slice CT Scan - Our new advanced Toshiba Aquilion™ completes a 3D scan of any area of the body with one breath. Capable of generating multiple slices with each half-second gantry revolution, the extremely fast, high-resolution system provides improved image quality and diagnostic capabilities.

Diagnostic Radiology/Digital Radiography - uses a small amount of radiation to create x-ray images of bones and organs. We offer the Proteus XR.
Vascular and Cardiac Ultrasound - A Vascular or Cardiac Ultrasound exposes the body to high frequency sound waves to produce images of the heart, veins and arteries. The latest in
ultrasound imaging, the Vivid 7 Dimension ’06 simultaneously acquires numerous images, providing incredibly detailed pictures.
Digital Mammography -  uses X-rays to visualize abnormalities in the breast tissue. This equipment is used to detect breast cancer as early as possible, which generally improves the effectiveness of treatment. We use the GE Senoadvantage full field suite.
Bone Densitometry - uses low-energy X-rays to scan the lower back, hip or forearm. This helps to help diagnose osteoporosis, a disease that weakens bones and makes them more brittle and susceptible to fracture. The GE Lunar system is being used at this location.
3D/4D UltrasoundThe Logiq E9 ultrasound performs a wide range of exams including abdominal, OB and breast. The digital unit allows for images to be downloaded to a CD. The unit also includes Doppler color flow.
Breast Biopsy - uses X-rays or ultrasound to locate breast tissue to be removed for further study under a microscope. It may prevent the need for an open, surgical biopsy. We offer stereotactic breast biopsy and ultrasound-guided breast biopsy.
Want to learn more about our diagnostic imaging equipment or how to prepare for your scan? Click on the appropriate link above to find information specific to your type of scheduled exam and how to prepare for your visit.

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